Power to the Code not the Content! Leverage existing Frameworks and Platforms!

This session will cover what every solution architect and web developer needs to know regarding: modern approaches to separate code from content, how to leverage existing frameworks and platforms, and why you should never start with a blank/template MVC or ASP.NET site again. We will cover a wide variety of frameworks and platforms from Open Source projects to Enterprise grade Content Management Systems, that provide Flexibility, Security, Search, Multi-lingual capabilities and more.

Tales from the Arch Side

Application and system architecture lessons learned from the trenches not just the whiteboards. Names will be changed to protect the guilty, err, innocent, of course. We will start with a SOLID foundation and work our way up to some of the most abstracted layers of the stack. Things such as: Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4 – when, where and how is it safe to be used, Agile methodologies, unit-testing and open/shared source solutions/projects. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own, learned through my own experiences, come hear both sides (of the politics) around each argument, so that you can make a more informed decision around these technologies and architecture practices.

Black Belt MVC

So you’ve mastered the basics of Model View Controller, you understand Razor, and you’re productive. Fantastic! This talk seeks to help you master the advanced scenarios that many are not aware even exist. We will discuss custom filters, controller factories, and so much more. By the time you’re done, you’ll be amazed at the new options MVC will provide you.

Great Architecture is Easy!

In this talk we will dive into how to turn tactical design pattern implementations into larger flexible architectures through their combination. How merging multiple paradigms can mitigate weakness and provide astoundingly robust solutions. Bring your favorite design pattern and we will make it dance like never before!