Leveraging the SQL Server Data Tools to ease Database development for the .NET Developer

Working with SQL is a chore for most .NET developers. In this session we will take a look at the SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio and how we can leverage them to make your life as a developer a bit easier.

Javascript Task Runner Ultimate Marathon [Level: Basic - Intermediate]

Like shoes on an assembly line, we get a lot of javascript runners churned out. Grunt? Gulp? Broccoli? What makes these tools different, and when do I use them?

In this talk, we will examine practical use cases, how to develop plugins and what the fundamental design philosophies are in various client-side task runners.
You may think it ends at the business-as-usual javascript develop, but it doesn’t. Even designers working in a different language or just trying to automate your routines outside the context of a build task, can grab onto these runners and make the world a better place.

Cryptozoology – A look at Javascript [Level: Basic]

Javascriptus Ecmus, Fifth Generation
Habitat: Once confined to the nether regions of Netscape, the extremophile JavaScript can now be seen living in all browsers, servers, robots and thermostats.

In this talk, We will examine Javascript fossils of the past, and then go on a brief safari to observe this noble beast in its present day dwelling. We can see how its lifestyle, organization and design patterns have changed over the years and in changing conditions to produce a truly resilient organism.

Learn how any intrepid developer can forge a symbiotic relationship with this mysterious creature, even if they just now learning to communicate with its kind.

Sails.js: A High-Productivity Node.js Web App Framework

Node.js enables you to build fast, scalable applications in JavaScript. But out of the box, it doesn’t include many of the convenient features modern web developers may be accustomed to. Sails.js aims to provide Ruby on Rails-level productivity for Node applications with features like scaffolding, a built-in ORM called Waterline, and easy support for real-time interaction. Come see how you can build apps for Node’s cutting edge platform without giving up the features of your favorite web framework.