Build and Debug PhoneGap

I’ll demonstrate how to build and debug a PhoneGap, a.k.a. Cordova, app. We’ll look at building for Android, IOS, and FirefoxOS and examine some of the differences between the platforms. We’ll talk about plugins and how to use them to access native functions like push notifications and the camera.

Native Mobile App Dev – iOS / Windows8

Matt Galloway-
Lots of folks are interested in getting into native iOS development but are flummoxed with the volume of information, and misinformation, available on the topic. Where do I start? What do I need? What’s up with that weird Obj-C syntax? In this talk, veteran iOS developer Matt Galloway will answer those questions and more as he demystifies square one of native iOS development. While some technical aspects of Obj-C and xCode will be discussed, this talk is intended to be a guide to getting started rather than a detail language or tool primer.

Patrick Kurz
I’ll overview what a Windows Universal Application is…the new structures in Visual Studio 2013…and how to best align your UI across all three platforms

Prototyping process and tools.

Creating prototypes are important in any kind of design or development project, but when timeline and budget are especially high in the creation of an app, close attention to wire framing / prototyping is especially critical.

Wireframes are often skipped because of worry that the client doesn’t understand what they are, or what the prototyping process is trying to accomplish. In this talk, we’ll discuss this process in detail and show how wireframing helps to test and validate assumptions, helps to bring clarity to the project across design and programming teams, and helps you step through multi-step features to test usability.

Human-Centered Design, and considerations for building Apps

Human-Centered Design (sometimes called, “user-centered design”) is problem-solving approach to creating a product that aims to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for sustainability and success. CAP Tulsa is an organization that uses design-thinking, and human-centered design methodologies to pilot programs, create new services, and find new ways to serve our families. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the background in this type of approach, and I’d like to share how it can help in the very beginning stages of planning the creation of an app.

Planning — discovering who you’re going to build and app for, and how they are going to use it — is quite possibly the most important step in the app creation process. In this talk, I’d like to share a couple experiences in the planning process of creating apps, and what I’ve learned.