Your Environment – Alive

A reactive world is an alive world. You’ve heard a lot about Internet of Things and how it’s going to make you smarter, faster, more healthy, but have you thought about the rest of what it’s going to mean? Let’s take a look at a world coming very soon where every single item in your environment not only can connect with each other, but can also react and interact with you. We’ll look at some of the technologies that are emerging, the places where we’re still filling in answers, and some of the new business models that will be showing up in this intersection of bits and atoms.

Spark and the Hardware Cloud

Learn the basics of how the Spark works, how to set one up, and more.

Redirecting Motion

So you want this thing to move that thing? OK! Learn when to use gears, chains, belts, rollers, sliders, and more… and when to avoid them.

Light up your projects with NeoPixels:

In this talk we’ll learn about the capabilities of the WS2812 integrated light source, also know as the Neopixel in adafruit land. We’ll go over how to control the LED’s with an Arduino and create interesting patterns and light sequences. Think of them as christmas light strips with individually controllable lights.