InfoPath is Dead, Now What?

InfoPath has been the go to form solutions within many organizations for several years. However,

recently Microsoft announced the eventual demise of InfoPath, which has left many now what? While

the eventual death of InfoPath is still too long a wait for some, many of us have to deal with all the

forms companies have put in place. In this talk we will discuss the following:

- How long will InfoPath be around?

- What Alternatives exist?

- What is Microsoft’s Plan

- And much more

SharePoint 2013 Intro to Branding and Design Manager

SharePoint 2013 has made is easier than ever to brand your SharePoint environment. Theming has been greatly improved to allow you to apply custom color schemes to your SharePoint environment. With the introduction of the Design Manager, you can now create a fully custom design for you SharePoint Environment right out of the box!

In this session we will cover:
- Creating a custom Theme utilizing the SharePoint Color Palette Tool
- SharePoint Design Manager
- Accessing Design Manager
- Importing a Site Design
- Page Layouts
- Display Templates
- Device Channels
- Design Packages

Scripting you SharePoint 2013 Install

PowerShell has become a powerful tool for automation and administration. SharePoint is no exception when it comes to the use of PowerShell in these areas. During this talk we will provide a brief introduction to PowerShell and explain why SharePointers (Administrators & Developers) should care
about PowerShell. We will discuss the benefits of scripting SharePoint Installs and Configuration.
Finally, we will explore different approaches for scripting.

Building Public Web Sites with SharePoint Online

SharePoint 2013 Online provides customers with a public site collection that can used to build and host public facing web sites at no additional cost. SharePoint 2013 offers many CMS and SEO improvements making it a compelling choice for an easy to manage, low cost company web site.

In this session we will cover:
- Out-of-the-box functionality that should be utilized
- Trick for easier content management
- When to custom develop
- Recommendations integrating custom code